Entity Framework Performance

The Entity Framework is a fantastic tool that reduces development time on new projects. While it used to take a significant amount of time to write a data access layer, the Entity Framework now handles much of this for you. There are many good reasons to use the Entity Framework, but it requires some care to use properly; poor use can result in substantial performance degradation. I’ve been able to distil the majority of what a developer needs to know about EF performance down to three concepts.

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Best Practices for Software Development Teams

At Eleven Winds, one of our core beliefs is that it’s critical to make sure we have in place the best possible processes, culture, and methods of team communication, and that these will be the keys to our success. We’ve gone through some trial-and-error and have come up with this short list of practices and processes that have the biggest impact on our end goal, which is creating maximum business value for our clients.

This idea comes from the concept of blaming the system, not the individual. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways we’ve found to go about this.

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How to Write Bad Software

Developers who simply lack skill or experience often produce bad code which can become a maintenance nightmare. What’s less often understood is that average or even skilled developers can also easily end up writing bad code if they’re not careful, and there are several key reasons why.

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