Bootcamp Takes Too Long To Boot: Windows on Mac

The simple fact that it takes 2.5 minutes to switch from Mac OS X to Windows 7 via Bootcamp is appalling. I decided to give Parallels a try and found no love there. Today I found a solution that has made me very happy.

Why It Takes So Long To Boot Into Bootcamp?

Because Macs do not have a BIOS, when Windows 7 tries to boot, it has to first emulate a BIOS. This takes a significant amount of time. This made me very unhappy : (

Not Happy With Bootcamp and Parallels

I decided to try the famed “Parallels”, but I was not very pleased by the lack of integration with my Bootcamp partition. Using this configuration prevents Parallels from hibernating or suspending the Bootcamp partition. This is a very large restriction in my opinion.

Aside from the suspension issue, Parallels never felt adequate in comparison to Bootcamp’s performance.

Solution to Slow Bootcamp Boot Time

Right off the top, this solution is going to cost you a bit of money. But here is the trick: The upgrade will improve the performance of your Macbook Pro on everything you do!

By now, you’ve probably guessed it, we’re going to install an SSD. This is the drive I decided to install:


After I installed the drive, OS X Mountain Lion,  Bootcamp and Windows 7, the results are as follows:

  • Time to reboot from Windows 7 to OS X was 0:22 seconds.
  • Time to reboot from OS X to Windows 7 was 1:05 seconds.

That’s some improvement from 2.5 minutes!

  • Time to boot into OS X from Shutdown: 0:13 seconds
  • Time to boot into Windows 7 from Shutdown: 0:35 seconds

Just look at those blazing start up times from shutdown!

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